22 things I am thankful for today

Thankfulnesss is a tool I like to use in order to break off negative thoughts.

It’s a verb it’s something we need to do.

Thankfulness replaces negativity with positivity.

Our minds are so precious, delicate and just as we need to look after our physical body so we do our minds too. It is so easy in this world to get caught up, bogged down and to subconsciously feed our mind with negativity. Bad things happening in the news, price of gas going up, bitchiness, end of the toilet roll etc etc I’m not saying stop watching the news or get rid of your car because gas is too much but instead let’s compensate all of those things with positive thoughts. thankfulness can’t help but make you feel good. How can you be sad when you are filling your mind with all the things you are thankful for?

So what does that look like?

At first it may feel like a discipline, which it is in a way, it’s changing our mind set to not look at all the crap of the day but to look at those things that made us smile .

I started writing a list of 3 things I was thankful for each day (shout out to Phil Vaux) It was amazing at how things I may not have even given a second thought became something I was thankful for, like realising I still had a sip of tea in my mug when I thought it had finished. It’s so small yet when I am acknowlede it as something to be thankful for it shifts my thinking pattern to pick up on these small things. I mean lets be honest if we allow ourselves to get a little frustrated with something as small as someone walking slow in front of us, surely we can allow ourselves to instead be greatful for an extra sip of tea.

As I continued intentionally searching for things to be thankful for it became a crucial part of my day. It got to the point that I couldn’t keep to the limit of 3 and instead I would just list as many things I was thankful for that day as possible. Once you train your mind to focus on what you are thankful for it will automatically start to looking for them. Your mind will be filled with positivity that it doesn’t even have room for bad thoughts or negativity.

Now being thankful isn’t only relevant when it’s been your birthday or you’ve got a promotion (obviously there great things to be thankful for but they may not happen every day) I’m talking about the little things (and big things), someone making you a cuppa tea, a stranger smiling at you, you’re favourite song coming on radio, no red lights on the way to work etc etc it’s amazing how many things you can write or think of when you start to be intentional about filling your mind with goodness.

I now don’t necessarily write down what I am thankful for but consciously note and count my blessing when something positive happens. I choose to focus on that and not the couple of “bad” things that happen. It’s not to say we should pretend they don’t happen but don’t allow your mind to dwell on them.

Choose to find things to be thankful for today. I promise it will only make you feel happier. I would love to see yor lists from today so feel free to send them to me if you want to share.

Heres mine from the other day:

1. On my morning prayer walk 4 of the kids wanted to come and pray too
2. Being made pancakes by one of the boys.

3. Being brought a cupcake the grade 1s made in class

4. Power on so I can charge my phone to full power before the storms cut it out
5. Playing cowboys and fairies with the pre school


7. Finally liking coffee (I’m a proper grown up now) and someone blessing me with a caffiterie
8. The tweens saving me a seat at lunch

9. Resourceful handmade toys such as these

10. The simplicity of love

11. The endless possibility of coloured card

12. Meeting precious people who have been through so much yet still continue to smile and find joy in little things

13. Sunshine hangouts

14. Chip and soda dates with a couple of my faves

15. Pre school worshiping Jesus

16. Yorkshire tea
17. How it gets dark super early
18. Doing life with this bunch

19. A door to my own cabin 😉
20. Snapchat filters


21. Data and my phone so I can stay connected to family and friends

22. Yummy south African food

(fried sweet bread) called fat cakes I think?


3 thoughts on “22 things I am thankful for today

  1. Wonderful Holly, so so true. Today I am thankful for my wonderful husband helping me with washing, making me smile, my boys loving each other and being kind. Coffee, I’m thankful that we have hospitals and help when needed, I’m thankful that Rob is alive and we had another day together. (currently he is in hospital waiting for a surgery). I’m thankful now at 3am for a decaf tea and hot water bottle. Love you and proud of you xxxx


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