Home is where YOU are

“Home owner” is a funny term. I mean people generally say there are a “home owner” when they own the building that their home is in.
But really once you’ve put your mark on a place and surround it with “you” then it’s already your home.

My nanny is one of those people that no matter where she is or how little she is staying somewhere she will unpack her case, put her jewlery stand on the shelf and set out all her toiletries in the bathroom cabinet. We once stayed somewhere less than 24 hours and she did this. The bed and breakfast soon went from being a hotel room to becoming my nannys room. I use to think this was unnecessary and loved the spontaneity of living out of a backpack or suitcase, but what it made me realise is that you can make anywhere home. And once you out your spin and a bit of you into it, that is your home, you own it. For that one night that bed and breakfast room was my nannys home, it brought her comfort and stability even while traveling.

It works the same with different seasons of our life. We may say that we are in a time of transition. Maybe you’ve finished one job and you start the next in a month. Or you are waiting for for a promotion, marriage, exam results or maybe something more personal. We could easily use this time to just “wait around” or we could own this time and make it ours, make it purposeful. . See this time as your “home” don’t just live out of the suitcase but unpack, put out all you want to do in that time, live everyday to its full, look for a purpose, be thankful for the each day you have what ever situation of part of life you are in. You should never just be waiting for the next thing, waiting for a promotion or when you’re going to have a baby or when you will go on your dream holiday. Unpack your suitcase right where you’re at right now. Settle and be at peace. Even if you are starting a new job next week. Don’t just wait around for it to happen. You have a whole week to live for. Don’t waste it in “waiting” unpack all the life you can live in that week.
Anyway don’t know quite how I got on to that as, this was meant to be a tour of my cabin.
A home for me isn’t a building a home is wherever YOU are. With whatever you have or whatever/ whoever your heart brings to it.

The thing I most treasure about my home is being able to open it and share it with other people, I love people coming to my home, inviting them for a cuppa, dinner or just a chat. No matter what my home actually looked like it was never too small or to flimsy to have people over. A few of these homes have consisted of a tent that was home for a month, a hostel room that was home when I was living in the refugee camp or my bed sit in the UK that was probably smaller than most of your bedrooms yet I hosted a party of 20 people.

So here is my cabin and the some of the people I love and am privileged to call family.

Flowers in an old jar with the two most essential items I use here


My make shift washing line for when the storms come and my clothes don’t dry


A place where people can just hang out


Watch movies IMG_4513

With all the snacks IMG_3681

Hanging outside my cabin with the holly special


My cosy cabin

Warming by my pretend word burner stove in the cold storm and a pre schooler all kitted out for storm

So I would encourage you today to not wait around for things

live in the moment

unpack your bags

and make right now home





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