Joy in all circumstances

Constant Joy.

Keeping our joy.

Living life through an everlasting, unconditional, constant and never failing JOY.


I use to have days where I would either feel on top of the world and felt I could conquer the world and then have days where I felt hopeless, depressed and that the whole world was out to get me. These could literally be consecutive days. Monday I’d feel great, Tuesday I’d feel terrible, Wednesday I may feel great in the morning and then by the afternoon I’d feel rubbish.
I allowed circumstances, situations and what I was doing to determine my mood, my JOY or lack of it.
Having too much work to do, an extra bill to pay, rain when you have no brolly, having an argument with your friend, losing a pet. All these can affect your mood. I was in a constant battle that if something didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to, I wasn’t happy. I allowed others people, situations and circumstances to effect wether I was happy or not. What a pressure on people who knew me and on whatever was going on that day. Sorry guys.

I was on a date with a boy (It didn’t quite work out) we were having a picnic at the top of a huge cliff face. I was taking a picture of the view with my week old Iphone 6. I put it down next to me for a second and in that second it slipped and fell the how ever many feet all the way down never to be seen again. I suddenly heard a voice in my head (God) you have two choices right now. I could either get really bummed and let it ruin the whole date and my day and week or I can just be like you know what yeh it’s annoying but I’m not going to let it get to me. I chose the later and as soon as I did I realised that “things” don’t have to affect us. It wasn’t like I was pretending I genuinely didn’t really care it didn’t make me sad, angry or made my day bad.

What I soon cane to discover is if you have an attitude of JOY, no matter what goes on or doesn’t go on you can be assured that nothing can make you sad or mad. You live out through an attitude of joy. Being content in any situation. You almost need to say to yourself right am I going to let this person or this situation affect my mood right now, am I going to let it steal my joy? As soon as you start to choose no i won’t let it steal my joy, and you continue doing this it becomes natural and a default in your thinking. Yes some things may be sad or be annoying but never get let it get so deep in your heart or mind that it steals your joy.
My phone breaking didn’t steal my joy, it didn’t make the date bad, I didn’t even give it a second thought afterwards. When we choose JOY, when we don’t allow the world to determine our mood or our happiness we can get through anything because we channel everything through our joyful nature we can filter things through this and somehow it doesn’t affect us so much.
We will carry a nature of contentness.


This week has really tested me. First thing I wont expose too much to protect the girl in questions privacy. But in our volunteer communal shower something rather terrifying happened and nearly put our safety severely in jeproady.
The next day a huge forest fire overtook the neighbouring plot and myself and a few of the girls went to help put it out. Honestly never seen anything like it or been that close to a raging forest fire.



(Obviously pictures weren’t taken at the height of the fire)

After a couple hours we were safe to leave and came and ate some left over food, we sat down to reflect until I head one of our little boys shouting HOLLY FIRE. At first I was like yes there was a fire but now we are resting until it clicked. The girls and I ran down and I’ve never been struck with so intense shock to see our property on fire. It was at the bottom of the grounds about 4 metres in. By the time we ran down there (like 30 seconds) it had grown to about 7 metres in. It was so scary. We were pounding it out with all our night. Coughing, crying and shouting out prayers. At one point the wind suddenly changed and the fire what felt like flew in our faces we ran back as it grew another metre and I screamed for the children to be evacuated. I was in survival mode. After what seemed like forever the main fire had finally started to go down due tonour fire beating.


Our arms were aching, we were coughing and covered in ash and a with a few burns we could finally take our breath. Even after all that we didn’t all complain and cry and get frustrated with Mother Nature. We were so full of joy. Choosing not to linger in misery or fear of it starting up again or that our fences protecting the property were burnt down but choosing to be thankful for our lives and be happy that we were there, that the children spotted the second fire, that we had fire beaters on base and that God heard our screaming prayers in the midst of beating out the fire. Oh and also for my friend who drove us to get ice cream that evening as a “well done you put out a fire”  treat. When your day ends with ice cream how can you not be happy!!

Obviously I don’t have pictures of when the fire was at its height as we were fighting for our lives and the lives of the children but here a few of the aftermath.




One thought on “Joy in all circumstances

  1. Holly, you have an amazing gift of seeing the big picture. Joy in all circumstances and that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Go girl! Loads of love, Ian and Lisa


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