God is bigger than our change

God is bigger than our change. 

It’s actually quite funny how much we underestimate god. How we take matters into our own hands, use our own strategies, ideas and strength to get things done. Relying on our own understanding and knowledge. 

Becoming the independent and self-sufficient individual the world so celebrates today thus creating a culture where we are trusting in ourselves rather than in God. 

Hazardously trudging our way through flooded  terrain passing by countless empty shacks and destructed businesses it’s easy to feel helpless. Imagine homes, buildings and whole communities destroyed in the “western world” they’d be out-roar, film crews, charities volunteering aid, relocation of homes and although no greater or less destruction the after help would be way more apparent. 




Under the intense heat of the midday sun we see the beautiful people of Kenya getting about their day. We don’t see sorrow or misery but a sense of perseverance. We see children making boats out of old rubbish, making the most of the flooded dirt roads. Old men washing their hands utilising the availability of water weather it’s fresh or not and people just getting on with their day. It poses the question of what disaster so great do we allow to effect our day? You ran out of coffee, your showers leaking, your friends have cancelled plans. Do we dwell in self-pity or do we start making boats out of the rubbish in our lives? 

On the outskirts of the slum we’re greeted by a beggar, he bangs on our car and we pull over to talk with him knowing full well he wants money. Frail and unclean he leans in and tells us in his broken English how hungry he is, how poor and needy his situation is. At the end of a long day thoughts of us getting home as quick as possible, to shower off the sweat and dirt and have some down time could easily make what we do next go two ways. We could grab the coins in our wallet to put in his hand, drive home and enjoy the comforts of our apartment preventing us from actually engaging with this man. Alternatively we could undo our belts get out of the air-conned car and connect with this man, talk to him, pray for him and listen to him. Loving him with the sacrifice of time. 

Love is far bigger than our loose change. 

It requires time, effort, sacrifice and courage. 

It means with everyone we encounter we need to stop! We need to be patient. To be kind. To encourage, to listen and to make a difference. 

We believe that what we can do with a little god can use for a lot. 

It may be easier to throw out cash. Hey people may even prefer that. But I don’t believe in quick fixes. I’m in it for the long run. 

One thing that tourists and westerners have unfortunately been guilty of is giving money to the people out here thus creating a culture of begging rather than empowering the Kenyans. “Teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” 

Hand out you’re loose change to a beggar today and you’ve fed him for a day, teaching him that he is not powerful or strong enough to make his own money. Or love on a beggar, empower them, listen to them guide them and encourage them in finding work, connecting them to people who can teach them a trade or skill. 

We would just like to clarify (to those that may have wondered) that we don’t and would never leave anybody hungry. Each week we create food packages that we hand out to every needy person we meet. This is something we love to do, we pray over each bag we make and spend time writing a personal card so that everyone who receives not only only receives food for their body but food for their soul. 

We love Africa. And we are not here for those quick fixes. We are going in low, slow and loving people where they’re at. It may not look “big” to the world but again what we can do with the little we have God can do for a lot. We can’t underestimate his power and his will. We just have to be willing to follow and ultimately trust that he has got everyone we meet in his hand. He is way bigger than our change. 

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